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Oil Tank Safety and Leaks

Leaking Oil Tank (Plastic)

If your oil tank is split or cracked and oil is seeping out, the best thing to use is a wet bar of soap. (Yes, it really works!) Rub the soap onto the split, and keep rubbing until the split has sealed. A chemical reaction takes place between the soap and the oil, thus forming a temporary barrier. Please remember that this is temporary. Once the flow of oil has been stopped, please call Nolan Fuel Oils for advice on the next step.

If the flow of oil still continues, the only option is to remove the oil from the tank. Call the Nolan Fuel Oils emergency number – 01869 342116 and we will get an engineer to you as soon as possible.

Leaking Oil Tank (Metal)

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this, the only option is remove all the oil from the tank as soon as possible. Try and capture as much of the oil as you can with a suitable container, (bucket, bin) and call the Nolan Fuel Oils emergency number – 01869 342116.

The reason that metal tanks leak is purely down to rust, in the summer months the tank will sweat on the inside and produce condensation. Then over years this sits at the bottom of the tank, (water is heavier than oil) this will gradually cause rusting.

Nolan Fuel Oils can supply various products that can reduce the water build up inside your tank, please call us on 01869 342111 for further information.

Oil Tank Safety