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They delivered our oil within a matter of hours!
We are new customers to Nolan oils, having recently moved house. We had no heating or hot water last Monday due to low pressure. Our oil tank was starting to get low and we thought this could be the reason. Having called Nolan Oils mid morning explaining we had no heating / hot water. They delivered our oil within a matter of hours!

Considering the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing we are so very grateful to them and will definitely be using them in future. Fabulous customer service.
Lisa J.

You fabulous people...
Hi, you fabulous people...

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for topping up my late dad's oil at Parkside, Chesterton this afternoon, you have saved my poor husband from a night freezing his bits off and me from having my ears chewed off lol!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again, you guys are just the best... thank you so, so much.

Customer service is seriously lacking in so many businesses today, thank you for always, always being one of the best 🙂

From one extremely grateful customer, thank you again. Louise

Thank you for your email and recommendation.
Someone else recommended him to us, and he has just been out and fixed for us. We too fully recommend him, after 2 and abit months of being without hot water on and off, and spending a fortune, Richard came out this morning and within an hour we were back up and running. And no extra parts needed.

Once again, thank you for your reply. Merry Christmas.

Thank you
Just a short message to say thank you for delivering my oil today (22nd Dec), unfortunately your driver was unable to make a delivery on Thursday (20th Dec) because the road was not passable and the driver had to abort his attempt.

I thought I would have to wait until after Xmas but you delivered on Saturday morning.

Thanks again.
Alan Y.

We've made her Christmas
Mum called today to say thank you very much for the excellent service and the fast delivery to her daughter.

She has had a rough time this year and she said we've made her Christmas by ensuring her, and her 4 young children, are warm this Christmas.

A huge thank you to you guys
Good morning,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys. I am notoriously bad at not knowing when I am running out of oil as my gauge doesn't work, so I am usually calling you up in desperation.

This was again the case on Saturday morning. I was fully aware that this is your busiest time so when I was advised it may be Monday or Tuesday I completely understood, however I was extremely surprised and very happy to have it delivered that weekend.

I really do want to say a very big thank you, you have really looked after me in the last year.

May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

One very happy customer. 🙂
Best Regards Candy

Gas Bottle Order - Thank you so much
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and also an extra thanks to the driver as we had not left the drive way clear today and it must have been an effort to collect the empties and move the new one into place- very much appreciated as I have just got back from work in the dark and it has really made my day that someone has done this for me. Thank you so much.

All in all excellent service
Many thanks for the delivery of oil on 24 October.

The driver was as efficient and helpful as ever plus I much appreciated your prompt response and the call to advise when it would be delivered.

All in all excellent service for which we are most grateful.

I have this evening paid in full which should be in your account in the morning. Any issues do not hesitate to call.

Although it is not the cheapest item we buy on a regular basis, your team minimises the pain! It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Excellent Service
Thank you for this invoice, I have taken a copy.

Thank you, though in particular, for your excellent service. I had inadvertently used all the oil at my disposal meaning that your prompt attention was really appreciated by using the small delivery vehicle.

Furthermore, your driver was very helpful, chatty and cheerful - give him a pat on the back.

Hitherto I have tended to use the Merton Oil Buying group although I have now asked them to take me off their data base.

Next time I will certainly obtain a quote from you and hope you will be competitive.

You have never let us down
Early yesterday morning we ran out of oil (our fault entirely) and my husband rang up to ask for an urgent delivery as we have his 99 year old mother living with us. We returned home after shopping about 5pm and to our great surprise the delivery had been made. We certainly didn't expect it yesterday. We are just wanting to say thank you for your great service. We've dealt with Nolan for many years now and you have never let us down.
Thanks again, Carol

Good customer service
Staff at Nolan Oils - I just wanted say thank you to the staff for being so helpful in my time of need. I think you have turned around our order in about 3 working days. Adey has delivered about an hour ago. Good customer service.
Regards Stuart

Thank you for sorting our oil delivery
Good afternoon

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting our oil delivery as quickly as you could over the snowy weather, you have some very skilfully drivers.

It really helped being able to collect some oil to see us until the Monday.

Your office staff are so helpful and have the patience of a saint.

Many thanks once again.

Wonderful service
Just to say thank you for your wonderful service. Our oil was delivered on Sunday morning, first thing, we really appreciate the extra hours that all staff clearly worked, to ensure delivery during the freezing weather.

Wow. What a service.
Thank you for sorting Shirley out yesterday I woke up this morning to see a Nolan Oils truck outside. She was over the moon and extremely happy with the amazing service you have provided to her. Thanks again Mark I really appreciate everything you've done.

Polite and efficient
Dear Liz

I just wanted to personally thank you for sorting this deliver out for me at such short notice. Your driver rang me prior to delivery as requested and was polite and efficient. You managed to deliver when you said you would and I'm very grateful.

My experience in dealing with you has been polar opposite to the unpleasant and rude people (especially Ann who hung up on me) at Boilerjuice who let me down so badly last week by not only missing the deadline and not having the courtesy to tell me they couldn't fulfil their obligation, but then went on to make up ridiculous lies about obstructions and parked cars, etc, when I'd been at the house all day. They provided no apology or explanation and the whole experience was thoroughly unpleasant, unlike the seamless and efficient service you have provided.

So, I just wanted to thank you and your delivery guys. Please pass the message on.

The best customer service...
Received the best customer service today at Nolan Oils - it could have been a very cold or very expensive weekend for us but they saved the day - at no extra cost. It's great to be rewarded for loyalty and I even had a demonstration of how to get my boiler working again. Many thanks from the Laurence family!

Many thanks for getting us out of a spot today.
Due to me not checking the tank level, we ran out of oil last night. I called your office at mid morning, and the oil was delivered within the same day. This has meant that on the coldest night of the year, we'll be basking in the warmth of central heating, and not sat huddled up in fifteen jumpers around a panel heater.
Again, thanks, Alec

Thank you very much for the help...
Hello Sadie,

Thank you very much for the help that you and your Transport Manager, Paul, provided last Thursday at Jersey Cottage. Paul was very accommodating, checked that the oil tank for water ingress and stayed whilst the boiler engineer tested the boiler. By the end of his call-out everything was working - and, as a consequence the house sale competed on Friday as planned.
Best, Ian & Anne-Marie Groves

We have found you a fantastically easy company to work with
We are shortly about to move house.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your service for the years we have lived in Fringford. We have found you a fantastically easy company to work with - whether placing an order, settling an account or speaking to the delivery men. You have turned around orders at short notice when we worried about our oil levels. We will certainly advise the new family to continue to use you for their oil supplies.

Thanks very much for all your help.
Best wishes, Cathy

A big thank-you
A big thank-you for getting oil to me yesterday. Service was second to none and I would recommend Nolan Oils to anyone I speak to.
Mr S from Garsington