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    We specialise in delivering Kerosene, Gas Oil and Diesel to domestic, commercial and agricultural properties.


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Red Diesel Tax Changes from April 2022

The UK Government announced that from the 1st April 2022 the entitlement for most sectors to use red diesel will cease. This means that any business operating outside of these sectors must use fuel that is taxed at the standard rate for white diesel.
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Fuel Oils

Fuels and Lubricants

The Nolan family have been serving the needs of fuel oil consumers in the South Midlands for over 30 years.

We are proud to offer:

  • Prompt delivery service.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Flexible Payment Plans.
  • Online Ordering.

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Yard Sales

Yard Sales

We can supply heating oil (kerosene) and gas oil in containers from our pump. Bring your own container or purchase one of our 25 litre plastic containers.

We sell:

  • Heating Oil
  • Red Diesel
  • Oil Watchman Sonic Alarm
  • Gas Cylinders

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Oil Save

Nolan Oils offer guaranteed next day delivery for our regular customers or same day if you should call before 12 noon and have run out of oil! *

We will always try our very best to help you should you have run out of oil.

* Excluding weekends and subject to stock availability and workload.


Celebrating 30 Years!

Owner Mark Nolan recently did a piece with the Oxford Mail to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Read about our history here